Commercial PAT Testing
in Oldham, Stockport and the Surrounding Areas

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Does your workplace have electrical equipment used by employees? Or are you a landlord with multiple properties complete with appliances that your tenants use day in, day out? Woods Property Maintenance undertakes commercial PAT testing to ensure your electrical appliances and equipment are safe to use. PAT stands for ‘portable appliance testing’, so our service focuses on a range of portable items like lamps, microwaves, kettles and space heaters, to name a few. However, it also applies to stationary appliances, such as washing machines and fridges.

Based in Hyde, our company covers all surrounding locations in and around Greater Manchester. These include key service areas like Ashton-under-Lyne, Newton, Oldham, Stalybridge and Stockport.

Your Guide to PAT Testing

The sole purpose of commercial PAT testing is to prevent electrical accidents in the workplace. This primarily applies to electric shocks but extends to electrical fires too.

There is currently no legal requirement to have your electric appliances and equipment tested. However, the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 state that you must keep electrical equipment which has the potential to cause injury or death in a safe condition.

As the responsible person, the regulations require you to do everything ‘reasonably practicable’ to protect people from harm.

PAT testing, then, is the most effective way of complying with these regulations. It identifies appliances and equipment which need essential maintenance, or even replacement.

It’s important for landlords to note, if a tenant suffers injury or causes property damage due to unsafe electrical equipment that you have provided, you may be held criminally negligent and penalised accordingly.

The frequency with which you undertake inspection and testing depends on the type of appliance or equipment you have, and the environment in which your staff or tenants use it. For example, a lamp in a hotel bedroom requires less frequent examination than a power tool on a construction site.

As a time-served electrical specialist, Woods Property Maintenance advises on suggested frequencies for PAT testing in line with industry guidelines.

We can integrate all your commercial PAT testing needs as part of a wider, bespoke property maintenance programme.

What Happens During PAT Testing?

The test itself involves a visual inspection of your appliances and equipment followed by more in-depth function testing. For the latter, we use specialist PAT equipment. This measures the appliance’s insulation resistance, earth continuity (the connection between the plug’s earth pin and the appliance’s case) and whether the lead is wired correctly (lead polarity).If any of these components has a fault, the equipment at hand poses a serious risk to health and safety.

Our qualified electricians meet the requirements of a ‘competent person’ as outlined by the relevant legislation. With access to the tools and equipment needed to accurately check appliance safety, we offer complete peace of mind.

There is no legal requirement to keep records of your commercial PAT testing, or to label equipment that has undergone inspection. However, it is a good habit to adopt. A record and labelling scheme is a useful management tool, and it allows you to monitor and review the effectiveness of your property maintenance programme – and to demonstrate that you have such a scheme in place.

You can also rely on us for all your domestic electrical installation needs in Oldham, Stockport and the neighbouring areas, including EICR certificates for landlords.

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